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Alta Fidelidad Radio Radio en vivo

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Alta Fidelidad Radio is a Chilean radio channel based in Pudahuel, Santiago. The station is catered towards music enthusiasts who appreciate a wide array of genres including rock, jazz, blues, funk, and Latin American music. With an extensive collection of vinyl and rare recordings, Alta Fidelidad Radio takes listeners on a journey through time and musical discovery.

The channel's programming includes shows that play music from different decades, cultural themes, and genres. Listeners can tune in daily to enjoy their favourite tunes or discover something new during special programs. The DJs share interesting facts about the songs, artists and albums. This adds to the listening experience as they bring their passion and knowledge for music to their audience. The schedule ranges from live shows to pre-recorded broadcasts. This flexibility ensures that the station caters to different listening preferences.

Overall, Alta Fidelidad Radio is a must-listen for music lovers from all regions of Chile with an appreciation for classic and eclectic tunes.
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Escuchar Alta Fidelidad Radio en la app radio.net